• Where your personalized mental wellness journey begins...

    The first personalized virtual reality-based experience designed to help users identify and master difficult emotions of anxiety and stress.

    The Living Room

    Here is where you receive a personalized plan for your mental wellness ...

    The Music Room

    Be immersed in relaxing tunes ...

    Therapy Room

    Therapist driven content to provide you cognitive-behavioral strategies ...

    The Biofeedback Room

    Learn how to self regulate feelings of stress and anxiety...

    The Inspiration Room

    A space to empower your mental health journey...

  • Making Mental Health -- Fun, Engaging, and Immersive!

    Coming soon!

    A Sneak Peek Below...

  • Personalized VR Experiences for Anxiety & Stress Management

    Using Science-Based Principles to Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety and Teach Coping Strategies.

    Virtual Reality Headset  for Relaxation

    VR for Individuals

    VR Relaxation Experiences for Everyone

    Customized Virtual reality - clinical practices- experiences for those suffering from pain, anxiety, and stress.

    VR for Clinical Practices

    Customized VR experiences for those suffering from anxiety and stress.

    Virtual Reality for Corporate Wellness

    VR for Corporate Wellness

    VR experiences for helping employees better manage stress and anxiety.

  • The Scientific Buzz & Support

    Financial Sponsorships

    Created based on 30+ Scientific Studies



  • The Science Behind The Relaxation Room-VR

    Founder, Dr. Laura M. Stanley shares the work supporting The Relaxation Room - VR

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  • FAQ

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    Does using VR really help with stress and anxiety?

    Over 30+ scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of using virtual reality for stress, pain, and anxiety management.

    Where are you located?

    Our team members are located in Clemson and Greenville, South Carolina and Bozeman, Montana.

    Who are the people behind the experience?

    We are a diverse team of computer scientists, licensed engineers and health experts. We collectively have over 100+ scientific publications.

    Why doesn't this work on other platforms?

    We are currently working on developing the experience for more platforms beyond the Oculus Quest.

    contact support@therelaxationroomvr.com 
    contact support@therelaxationroomvr.com